TU/e - Farewell to Jan Mengelers

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Farewell to Jan MengelersTUe nieuw logo 2018

President of the Executive Board Jan Mengelers will officially bid farewell to Eindhoven University of Technology on Wednesday 15 May. On the occasion of Mr. Mengelers’ final day in office, the university has put together a special program, which shows what inspired Jan Mengelers as president of TU/e.

The program starts at 2.30 pm in the TU/e Auditorium. From 3 p.m. we will spend around an hour on the program ‘Spring guests’. Using film footage, Jan Mengelers will talk to Isolde Hallensleben about the themes that fascinate him and form a common theme throughout his career. At 5.00 pm the afternoon will be concluded with drinks in the Senaatszaal until 6.30 pm.

Location: TU/e Auditorium
More Info: TU/e website

Afscheidsbijeenkomst Prof. Meint Smit

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Location: Blauwe zaal, TU/e

TU/e Graduation symposium Automotive Systems Design / Mechatronic Systems Design

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ASD/MSD Graduation Symposium and CeremonyTUe nieuw logo 2018

On October 25, 2018, the trainees of the 2016 generation of the post-master PDEng program Automotive Systems Design/Mechatronic Sytems Design will receive their diploma.

Preceding the official ceremony we organize a symposium. During the last 10 months (MSD-track 12 months) of this 2-year program, the candidates have been working on individual design projects in Eindhoven, Heeze, Valkenswaard, Eersel, Stuttgart (Germany) and Lommel (Belgium). At the symposium they will present the results of their work.

Location: Zwarte Doos, TU/e
More info: TU/e

TU/e - XPO Diploma Ceremony 2018

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TUe nieuw logo 2018

The XPO and Diploma Ceremony 2018 will take place on Wednesday October 24, 2018 at the Eindhoven University of Technology (De Zwarte Doos/Audtorium).Candidates of generation C2016, who successfully finalize all requirements, will receive their diploma. A number of candidates will present their final project results during the XPO

Location: TU/e Auditorium, Blauwe Zaal
More info: XPO Diploma Ceremony 2018 

TU/e PDEng User System Interaction Diploma Award Ceremony

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On Tuesday Oktober 2,TUe nieuw logo 2018 trainees of the PDEng User System Interaction will receive their diploma, a Professional Doctorate in engineering Degree.

Location: TU/e Auditorium, Blauwe Zaal

TU/e Opening Academic Year 2018-2019

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tue op ac jaar

We kindly invite you to the opening ceremony for the Academic Year 2018-2019 on Monday, 3 September 2018, from 4 pm to 5 pm.
This year, the opening ceremony will be a little different: without the academic protocol you are used to. Instead, we will focus on the academic year that lies ahead.

Rector magnificus Frank Baaijens will introduce our strategic plan for 2030, president of the Executive Board Jan Mengelers will address some important political issues and former EU Commissioner Robert-Jan Smits will speak about issues relevant to universities and higher education in Europe. Where are we heading in 2030? How can we meet the market’s demand for more engineers while maintaining a high quality of education? What is our vision on open access for science?

Location: Auditorium, TU/e
More info: TU/e website

Energy Now & TU/e SG - Sustainable Energy Talks

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SETalks 2018
New technologies for storing and transporting energy are the key to a sustainable energy system. A student, a scientist and an entrepreneur present their ideas: get inspired!

A serious issue with common sustainable energy resources like solar panels is their weather-dependency: on sunny days they generate too much energy, on rainy days it’s not enough. In the current system, supply and demand do not meet. New technologies for storing and transporting energy are therefore required. In short 10-minute talks, entrepreneur Robin Bergh, TU/e-student Luc Brinkman and a researcher Gerard van Rooij present new inventions and insights for sustainable energy storage and conversion.

Location: TU/e Blauwe Zaal Auditorium
More Info: Energy Now

TU/e Nieuwjaarsbijeenkomst 2018

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tue logo

A lot of construction is going on at TU/e, in every sense of the word. During our New Year’s Reception, we will look back on a year full of important milestones and look ahead to 2018.
The reception will take place in Luna, the recently completed TU/e Campus building where culture, career and education take center stage. An excellent opportunity to get to know this new hotspot and its residents and to make a toast.

Location: Luna, De Plint
More info: TU/e site

TU/e - Official Opening Wind Tunnel

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tue logo

An Atmospheric Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel (ABLWT) is being inaugurated at the TU/e campus. This wind tunnel will be used for research and valorization activities in building aerodynamics, naval aerodynamics, sports aerodynamics and the like. The facility will also be available for the student teams of the university to optimize the aerodynamic design of their vehicles.


  • 9.00 hrs: Mini-Symposium & Debate
  • 13.00 hrs: Lunch
  • 14.30 hrs: Exhibition “Wind in the City” in Department
  • 16.00 hrs: Official Opening Wind Tunnel & New Building
  • 17:00 hrs: Party

Location: TU/e Auditorium, Vertigo, Ventur
More info: TU/e site

TU/e Symposium: State-of-the-art in Medical Image Analysis & valedictory lecture of prof.dr.ir. Bart ter Haar

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More Info: TU/e website
Location: Blauwe zaal, Auditorium, TU/e


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