TedX Erasmus University Rotterdam 2017

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This year, TEDxErasmusUniversityRotterdam will explore the topic of Building a Better World. Through this theme, we will discover how innovation and imagination are driving change and shaping the world of tomorrow. Join us at the event or tune in to our webcast for what is sure to be an inspiring night.

Thursday 05 October 2017, 17:00-22:00
Centrale Bibliotheek Rotterdam

TedX Erasmus University 2016

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Building People

This year TEDxErasmusUniversity will explore the topic of Building People. Through this theme we will explore how new knowledge and initiatives are creating a better world for people. Our event will showcase ideas that are building healthier & happier people. Join us at this event along and build yourself too!

Friday 4 November 2016 17.30-22.00
Erasmus Paviljoen, Woudestein Campus, Rotterdam
More Info: Erasmus University TedX site

TedX Erasmus University

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Turning dreams into reality

“I wish my dreams come true.” We all are dreaming…and our dreams are unique…but we all wish them to come true. And we can make them to come true!
This year TEDxErasmusUniversity will explore the topic of “Turning dreams into reality” together with great thinkers and thought leaders.
Join us at this great event and turn your dreams into reality!

In October 2015, TEDxErasmusUniversity in partnership with Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) will bring diverse and talented speakers to encourage the audience to turn dreams into reality. Take this opportunity and come to this event to find the inspiration to follow your dreams.


  • Marcus Fernhout
  • Ginie Servant
  • Wang Jia
  • Maria Besiou
  • Frankie Dubery
  • Claire Boonstra
  • Michel De Goede

Saturday 24 October 2015
Erasmus Paviljoen, Woudestein Campus, Rotterdam

More Info: Erasmus University TedX site

TEDxRSM 2014

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Theme: Changes that Come with Change

Join us on Wednesday, 19 November 2014 at the Erasmus Paviljoen for a half day of ideas worth sharing.
This, the second TEDx event hosted by Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), centers on the four key themes of this top-ranked business school: innovation, spirit, sustainability and critical thinking.

The speakers will share their insight with a live audience of 100 RSM community members. These videos will then be added to the online TEDx archive for people around the world to share and see.
With TEDx, RSM continues to be a leading institution known- as the slogan of TED states- for ideas worth sharing.

VENUE: Erasmus Paviljoen, Rotterdam
More info: TEDxRSM


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About TEDx Erasmus University:


TEDxErasmusUniversity is a university-wide initiative that wants to incite and excite the open-minded community for a unique event. Basing its structure on the widely known TED conference, TEDxErasmusUniversity wants to bring a similar experience to the Erasmus University campus.

Thanks to social media, the hashtag (#), which is a form of metadata tag, is now used more than ever. Users of microblogging and social networking services such as Facebook, Instragram, and Twitter, employ hashtags to search for comments tweets with a common topic and to engage into a conversation about this topic. As such, hashtags allow for grouping messages and making it easier to look for specific pictures and messages across social media platforms. Under the general theme #Think, we envision to gather and spread the most inspiring ideas encompassed by Erasmus University’s four focus areas: health, wealth, culture, and governance. We want to engage people to participate into challenging and mind opening conversations and to #think out of the box.

18.00   Opening with Meredith William Neyrand

18.10   First speaker: Etienne Augé
”Remember the Future: Why Our World Needs Science Fiction”

18:25   Second speaker: Livia Teernstra
“The myths of gaming”

18.40   Third speaker: Che Brandes-Tuka
“The zombie attack on education”

18.55   TED Talk: Jane McGonigal
“The game that can give you 10 extra years of life”

19.10   Break

19.30   Fourth speaker: Maarten Frens
“Learning from the brain”

19.45   Fifth speaker: Tung Tung Chan
“Everybody is a teacher”

20.00   TED Talk: Kevin Allocca
“Why videos go viral”

20:30   Seventh speaker: Carolien Hoogland
“How mobiles will (not) fix the world. Using mobile
technology for data gathering in developing countries.”

20.45   Closing remarks

More info: TEDx Erasmus University
Location: Erasmus Pavilion @ Erasmus University campus


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