TU/e EnergyDays: Metal Fuels

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Metal Fuels

Imagine you live in 2030 and you want to travel a few hundred kilometers with your new iron-fueled car that does not emit any CO2. You insert a new cartridge with a few liters of porous micron-sized iron powder.

You drive the car and when driving, the iron powder is dispersed in air and the powder is burned in a hot turbulent flame transferring the iron powder into micron-sized rust-powder. Inside the iron-car the hot burnt gases are used fire a Stirling engine to drive the car. The burnt rust particles are stored in a separate compartment of the original cartridge and when returning home you bring the (heavier) cartridge back to the store, from where it is shipped to a central place where the rust is transferred back to micro-sized iron particles again using solar energy. Whether this vision of the future is real, will become clear in the upcoming EnergyDays event where we will explore the possibilities of Metal Fuels as a novel type of energy carrier.

More info: Strategic Area Energy
TU/e, Zwarte Doos,

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