Media Future Week 2014

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19 t/m 22 mei – Hilversum

The main theme of the MFW is Media responsibility.

The media landscape is changing rapidly. Platforms to produce, share and consume media are available to everyone. Data is flowing from audience to media organisations and from news events to the audience. Media is no longer consumed on set times, but throughout the day on a variety of platforms. Our experiences are shared not just with friends and family but with the world. More and more objects will be sharing their information as well. Users, data, software, and environments communicate and collaborate in new and complex ways.

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After the success of past years iMMovator, in cooperation with at least ten universities of applied science, organize the fourth Media Future Week (MFW) at Media Park in Hilversum from 19-22 May. Students, professors and lectors from various media programs will be taken on a rollercoaster ride of co-creation sessions, crossovers, lectures and inspiration sessions with leading speakers from the international media industry. Media Future Weeks’ purpose is to bring participants to the next level in their field and enforce the relationship  between education and media industry.

Participants in the MFW are challenged to develop their own vision on the media future and their role as future media professional. They will work in mixed teams on a cross-media case from the industry. Media companies provide the MFW participants with a case or problem. During the week, the participants work on these cases and present a solution at the end of the week.

The Media Future Week is supported by iMMovator, Gemeente Hilversum, Beeld en Geluid  and The Media Park.

More info: Media Future Week
Organisator: iMMovator Cross Media Network
Location: Media Park in Hilversum

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