TU/e – Opening Academic Year 2012/2013

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Educational Fitness

This year marks the start of the Bachelor College,
a complete redesign of our education program.
We will give our students everything to make them fit for their careers. There will be in-depth courses on specialized subjects, but students can also develop themselves more broadly. There will be more freedom to choose, but also more responsibility. Our staff is prepared, there’s even a new building (MetaForum). So we’re fit for the future!



4.00 p.m. – Start of the Opening Convocation

- The academic processions enter the Auditorium
- Welcome by Mike Wilmer Secretary Federatie Studieverenigingen Eindhoven (FSE)

- ‘A revolution in education’ by Hans van Duijn, rector magnificus
- ‘Fit for your career’ by Martin van Pernis, president of the Royal Institute of Engineers KIVI NIRIA

- Musical Intermezzo

- ‘Becoming smart: the impact of resilience’ by Elke Geraerts, ‘Smartest Woman 2011 in the Netherlands’ and psychologist at Erasmus University Rotterdam
- Presentation of the Educational Awards
- Official opening of the academic year

5.30 p.m – Festive reception in the Hall of the new building MetaForum

Location: Auditorium, TU/e
More info: TU/e invitation

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