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3D printing at home – Seminar

3D printing at home is going to change the way we are living! We will be able to print everything we have designed in the comfort of our home.

3D Printing is hot. All over the world new initiatives start to offer 3D printing services, and more and more companies are using 3D printers for rapid prototyping and/or low volume production. 3D printer prices are getting lower, and some organizations are offering 3D printers below 1000 Euro.

3D printing at home is the central theme of the 3D Printing Event, which will take place during the Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, October 2011.

The event exists out of three linked activities:

  • The seminar will tackle social, technical, cultural and design challenges, discuss innovative solutions, show new business opportunities and will give an outlook into the future of 3D home printer industry.
  • The exhibition will show 3D printing in its current and future formats
  • The 3D Printing Design competition exhibition will show the best selections of designs printed with a future home 3D printer.

Programm & On Demand video’s

10.30 Introduction and Welcome Pieter Hermans, CEO Jakajima
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10.40 – 12.00 Plenary Session

Erik de Bruijn, co-founder, Ultimaker
about 3D Home printing, new business opportunities for whom?
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Bas van Abel, Creative Director, Waag Society
about Meet my maker, The socio-economical implications of post-industrial industrialization.
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Joris Peels, co-founder, Origo
about 3D printing: A counterrevolution to mass production.
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Break-out Session 1‘Trends in Design tools’
12.45 – 14.45 Moderator Pieter Hermans, CEO Jakajima

Gerard Petersen, Managing director, Rhinocentre
‘From Rhino to Reality’.
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Guido Hermans, PhD student, Umeå Institute of Design
Is the future plastic?
With an overview of today’s mass customization toolkits and future approaches. How can designers develop toolkits for consumers so that the world around them is flexible?
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Martin Stevens, CEO, A1 Technologies Ltd
about 3D design for all?
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Jeffrey Lipton, Lead investigator, Cornell University’s Fab@Home project on behalf of Jason Yosinski and Jeff Clune
about Endlessforms.com which allows users to create new an innovative shapes without training or skill.
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Patrick de Visser, Territory Sales Manager Benelux, Solidworks/
Hugo Berentsen, Account Manager, and Paul Emmerink, Application Engineer, CAD2M
“From mind to CAD model to 3D print in matter of hours.”
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Break-out Session 3 – 3D printing: mass consumer potential?
15.15 – 16.45 Moderator Pieter Hermans, CEO Jakajima

Bart van der Vorst, Research Scientist Additive Manufacturing,TNO
about Open Garments – design and manufacturing of bespoke clothes & accessories.
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Dolf Wittkamper, chairman, FreeFormFab Foundation
about ‘The New Making’.
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Zjenja Doubrovski, PhD research, Industrial Design Engineering Delft University of Technology
“A Tale of Bunnies and Flutes”.
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16.45 Press statement about official launch
3D Printing Design Competition Award Ceremony
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Strijp S – Eindhoven,
the Netherlands

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