Fashion @ Summa Food & Fashion Festival

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Food & Fashion Festival

22 juni 2017, 18:00 – 23:59 uur

Mode maakt de mens. Studenten van Summa Fashion blinken uit in het ontwerpen en creëren van exclusieve mode-items. Vol trots tonen zij hun (eindexamen)werk tijdens het Food & Fashion Festival op 22 juni in het Klokgebouw. Kom ook en neem een voorproefje op de creaties van de verse vakspecialisten met lef, voordat zij de wijde wereld van de mode betreden.

Er zijn twee shows: Show 1: 19.15 – 20.00 uur / Show 2: 21.15 – 22.00 uur

Location: Strijp-S, Klokgebouw
More info: Summa Website

BAK – Instituting for the Contemporary

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Part 1 – 11.04.2016Part 2 – 18.04.2016 / Part 3 – 25.04.2016

Three public editorial meetings towards a new BAK critical reader Instituting for the Contemporary—edited by BAK’s editor of publications Tom Clark, artistic director Maria Hlavajova, and research curator Lucy Lopez—rethink the art institution in face of the challenges of the present, and in light of the crisis of the nation-state. The meetings are structured around eight terms which organize the reader: Instituting; Commitment; The Contemporary; Not Not Art, Not Not Politics; Entanglements; Connecting Care to Power; Compositionalism; and Education.

Not Live, but Soon on Demand…

More info: BAK website
Location: BAK, Lange Nieuwstraat 4, Utrecht

Tigre Blanco – Het Tijgersnest

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Eindhovense gypsies
“Fantastische voorstelling; duister, spannend en oog- en oorstrelend mooi”, “Een diepe buiging voor het geheel”, “Met een brok in mijn keel van emotie deze steeds weer verrassende theatershow ondergaan”, waren slechts enkele van de vele reacties na de première van Het Tijgersnest in het Parktheater. Een geweldige performance, mooie muziek en een bijzondere sfeer. Daarom neemt Tigre Blanco u in het nieuwe seizoen nog een keer mee naar de nachtclub van hun dromen: de stamkroeg van een rondreizend circus uit de jaren ‘30.
Tigre Blanco maakt akoestische, filmische muziek die klinkt als de soundtrack van een nieuwe ‘paella-western’ van Quentin Tarantino.

More info: Parktheater, Eindhoven

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst – Posthuman Glossary

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BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht invites you to join the series of presentations, conversations, seminars, and workshops Posthuman Glossary. The series takes place in the form of intensive two-day gatherings with artists, scholars, and activists around the critical issues of posthumanity in present-day artistic and intellectual work on 21–22 May, 28–29 May, 11–12 June, and 18–19 June 2015.  Posthuman Glossary is a part of BAK’s research program Future Vocabularies (2014–2016) and its chapter Human-Inhuman-Posthuman, which is developed in dialogue with BAK Research Fellow Professor Rosi Braidotti and organized in collaboration with the Centre for the Humanities, Utrecht University, Utrecht. The series leads to the publishing of the Posthuman Glossary in 2016, edited by Braidotti and BAK’s Artistic Director Maria Hlavajova.

21–22 May 2015: Anthropocene/Capitalocene

What possible consequences could an awareness of a collective sense of ecological responsibility in the era of the Anthropocene hold for our ethical agency and political consciousness?

With contributions by: Keti Chukhrov (poet, art theorist, and philosopher, Associate Professor at the Russian State University for Humanities and Visiting Professor at the European University of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg. Head of the Theory Department of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow ); Katerina Kolozova (Professor of Philosophy, Gender Studies, and Sociological Theory at University American College–Skopje and Director and Senior Researcher at the Institute of Social Science and Humanities, Skopje); Jussi Parikka (media theorist, writer, and Professor in Technological Culture and Aesthetics at the Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, Southampton); Iris van der Tuin (Associate Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Utrecht University, Utrecht); and Timotheus Vermeulen (Assistant Professor in Cultural Theory and Head of the Centre for New Aesthetics, Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen).

28–29 May 2015: Eco-Sophies

What could be the implications of the acceptance of a nature-culture continuum, and how could we theoretically and artistically re-define the relationship between human and non-human factors and agents?

With contributions by: Ursula Biemann (artist, theorist, and curator, Zurich), Rick Dolphijn (Assistant Professor and a Senior Fellow of the Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University, Utrecht); Erich Hörl (Professor of Media Culture at the Institute of Culture and Aesthetics of Digital Media (ICAM), Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Lüneburg); David Pascoe (Professor at the Department of Languages, Literature and Communication at Utrecht Univeristy, Utrecht); and Gerald Raunig (philosopher, theorist, and Professor of Aesthetics and Political Philosophy at the Zurich University of Fine Arts, Zurich; eipcp (European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies), Vienna).

Digital Activism: 11–12 June 2015

What are the social, legal, ethical, and political issues that occupy public debate, now that digital mediation has become the new public sphere, and what models of resistance are being offered by contemporary critical thought, arts, and media activism?

With contributions by:  Manuel Beltrán (artist and activist, The Hague); Mark B.N. Hansen (Professor of Literature and Director of Undergraduate Studies at Duke University, Durham); Koen Leurs (Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science); Geert Lovink (media theorist, internet critic, Researcher in the School for Communication and Media Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA), and Director of the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam); Mirko Tobias Schäfer (Assistant Professor for New Media & Digital Culture at the University of Utrecht and director of the Utrecht Data School, Utrecht); and Timotheus Vermeulen (Assistant Professor in Cultural Theory and Head of the Centre for New Aesthetics, Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen).

Algorithmic Cultures and Security: 18–19 June 2015

How could we address the impact of contemporary digital technologies on security and surveillance mechanisms and its influence on posthuman subject-formation?

With contributions by:  Rick Dolphijn (Assistant Professor and a Senior Fellow of the Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University, Utrecht); Matthew Fuller (Professor and Head of Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College, University of London, London); Ine Gevers (curator, writer, and activist, Utrecht); Luciana Parisi (Reader and Convenor of PhD in Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College, University of London, London); Matteo Pasquinelli (philosopher and independent scholar, Berlin); and Femke Snelting (artist and designer, Brussels).

The gatherings take place at BAK and are chaired by Professor Rosi Braidotti.

More info:
BAK, basis voor actuele kunst
Lange Nieuwstraat 4
Utrecht, NL

Provocative Seminar on Food Challenging our current food system

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We are eating our own planet and what we are eating is destroying our health.

The world is producing more food than ever. Yet, a world in which people have access to healthy and nutritious food produced in a manner that ensures food security now and in the future, is further away than ever. The current food system is not only unequal, the quality of what is produced and made available to consumers is also far from adequate from a human and planetary perspective.

Therefore Hivos and Baltan Laboratories will challenge some assumptions about the current food system.

Experts with different backgrounds and from all over the world will reflect on the amount, quality, and production process of our food and give their perspectives on the food system in 2020. Two of them are participating in this year’s Age of Wonderland, a 3-year program which is jointly developed by Hivos, Baltan Laboratories and the Dutch Design Week in order to foster social innovation. Can we find common ground between these different perspectives and come up with new insights for our food system?

Thursday, 21st of May from 7.30 PM -9.30 PM

Natlab, Kastanjelaan 500, Eindhoven

Former West – Other Survivalisms

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Under the title Other Survivalisms, on 16 and 17 May 2014 BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht hosts the second installment of its public editorial meetings geared towards the realization of the forthcoming FORMER WEST publication. It is the second in an ongoing series of public editorial meetings, which form the trajectory of the culminating phase of BAK’s flagship collaborative research program FORMER WEST (2008–2016).

On Demand Video’s – Other Survivalisms

These small-scale gatherings take the editorial meeting as their model for informal (re)negotiations of the living knowledge brought together through the course of the project. The public exchanges take place in cultural and geopolitical contexts both within and outside of the so-called “former West” and bring together a great number of collaborators from the project’s past and current investigations, including artists, writers, theorists, curators, activists, students, as well as our various publics. The series is developed and curated by writer, cultural critic, and translator Boris Buden, curator, organizer, and artistic director of BAK, Maria Hlavajova, and curator and writer Simon Sheikh.

Other Survivalisms consists of a number of moderated meetings with artists, theorists, and activists on Friday, 16 May, 13.30–20.00 hrs, and on Saturday, 17 May, 09.30–20.00 hrs, at Het Utrechts Archief, located opposite from BAK on Hamburgerstraat 28, Utrecht.

Contributors to the project include: Boris Buden, writer, cultural critic, and translator, Berlin; T.J. Demos, art historian and critic, London; Mark Fisher, theorist, writer, and editor, London; Maja & Reuben Fowkes, art historians and curators, Budapest and London; Katherine Gibson, theorist and writer, Sydney; Maria Hlavajova, curator and cultural organizer, artistic director of BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht; Brigitta Kuster, artist and writer, Berlin; Massimiliano Mollona, theorist and writer, London; Alexei Penzin, philosopher and writer, London and Moscow; Andrea Phillips, theorist and writer, London; Poka-Yio, artist and curator, Athens; Simon Sheikh, curator and theorist, Berlin and London; and Marina Vishmidt, writer, editor, and critic, London.

Location: Het Utrechts Archief
More info:

FRIDAY AFTERNOON LECTURE #3 – Sara Diamond, President of the University of the imagination

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Data, data everywhere – how can we make it speak? 

We could describe data as the resource of the twenty-first century – gushing in plenitude; it must be harvested and refined to be of value. Visual analytics bears relevance to open government records, self-produced data, and health and industry data sets alike. In a data-based economy designers and artists must be integral to the creation of tools which convert data to manageable, meaningful and beautiful communication.

And a special performance by experimental guitar virtuoso Aart Strootman.

The talk will suggest a series of going concerns in the field of visual analytics, such as aesthetics, design methodologies, the use of metaphors. It will provide examples drawn from the work of OCAD University’s Visual Analytics Laboratory, research at the Centre for Information Visualization and Data Driven Design and the work of artists and designers. What skills sets are needed for the visual analytics researchers of the future?

About Dr. Sara Diamond

Dr. Sara Diamond is the President and Vice-Chancellor of OCAD University, Canada’s “university of the imagination”. She holds a PhD in Computing, Information Technology and Engineering, a Masters in Digital Media theory and Honours Bachelors of Arts in History and Communications from Simon Fraser University. She is an appointee of the Order of Ontario and the Royal Canadian Society of Artists and a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to Canada and the winner of the 2013 GRAND NCE Digital Media Pioneer Award.  She founded and led the Banff New Media Institute from 1995-2005. Diamond is a data visualization, wearable technology and mobile media researcher, artist and designer. She is co-principal investigator on the Centre for Information Visualization/Data Driven Design, leads OCAD University’s Visual Analytics Laboratory and holds significant funding from Canada’s Natural Science and Engineering Research Council. Her book (with Sarah Cook) Euphoria & Dystopia: The Banff New Media Dialogues, a history of the boom, bust and reset years of the first wave of digital media is currently available; published by Banff Centre Press and Riverdale Architectural Press, University of Waterloo.

About Friday afternoon lectures

Gilles Holst, first Director of the famous Philips Natlab, already proclaimed in one of his official research reports, researchers with sufficient freedom and an open mind are most likely to be successfl. We – Baltan Laboratories, Holst Centre, TU Eindhoven, EIT ICT Labs and High Tech Campus Eindhoven believe this original vision for the Natlab could easily be forgotten in these times of increased specialization. Proactively addressing this issue, we committed ourselves to setting up a series of lectures that revive the original Natlab spirit. Are you a researcher, artist, designer or any other creative and inspired enthusiast? Then you should not miss out on this unique occasion to become inspired by top-notch speakers and to meet with like-minded souls.

Location: Gaslab, TU/e
More info: Baltan Website

Baltan Laboratories – Age of Wonder

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The beauty and terror of progress

28, 29 & 30 March 2014

Age of wonder is a festival of our times: difficult to capture in one sentence. It is probably best described as a string of longer TED-talks about big ideas, artistic experiments and mythic stories. The international programme takes from art, science and technology and consists of lectures, films and documentaries, installations, performances and more.

We live in interesting times. Our rapidly changing world makes us dream uncertainly of both utopian societies and nightmarish scenarios. We want to reinvent the world, society and our lives. For that, we need to look beyond our own frames of reference and specialisations.

During the festival Age of Wonder, we will zoom out at our spot on the timeline and look to the past and the future. With a distinctive programme focussing on bold visions and big ideas. In so doing, Age of Wonder takes the essence and the existence of the 100-year-old NatLab as a starting point: a space where, detached from the outside world and the issues of the day, you can open your mind full of wonder to insights old and new.

Location: Natlab, Eindhoven
More info: Age of Wonder site

Cast: Buitenkunst met Daan Roosegaarde

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cast 21jan13Castlogo

Tilburg is een stad van samenwerken en samendoen. Bouwen aan de stad, is steeds opnieuw verbindingen leggen tussen gebouwen, straten, pleinen, parken, kunst, cultuur en de samenleving. Na een decennium van KORT (Kunstplan Openbare Ruimte Tilburg), wordt nu nagedacht over de toekomst. Tilburg wil dit niet volgens een papieren beleidsplan vormgeven, maar droomt over een bijzonder eigentijdse stadslab. Bij dit nieuwe stadslab gaat het om kennis ophalen, dwarsverbanden leggen en de resultaten laten zien in de stad. Kunst wordt opnieuw verbonden met de leefomgeving van iedere Tilburger, met als doel de stad te versterken. Tijdens de avond wordt aan alle deelnemers gevraagd mee te denken, te spreken en te schrijven.

Gastspreker Daan Roosegaarde

Bijzondere gast en spreker tijdens de discussieavond is Daan Roosegaarde. Zijn werk kenmerkt zich door interactie tussen kunst, mens en techniek. Met projecten variërend van mode tot architectuur, creëert hij slimme en sociale ontwerpen met een instinctieve interactie van geluid en beweging.


More info: Cast website
: Sportcomplex Drieburcht, Wagnerplein 1, 5011 LP Tilburg

2013 VISIBLE AWARD – The jury as a public event

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On 14 December the Van Abbemuseum will host the second edition of the Visible Award. The attendees of this event will be part of the prestigious jury, as they decide together who will win the 2013 Visible Award.

Visible. where art leaves its own field and becomes visible as part of something else

A project by CittadellarteFondazione Pistoletto and Fondazione Zegna, curated by Matteo Lucchetti and Judith Wielander

On occasion of its second edition, the Visible Award evolves it project and seeks an innovative approach that passes through a more transparent methodology around its jury session which takes form during a public event at the museum. The jury session will not only be a confrontation between experts, in order to select an exemplary socially engaged art project, but rather a moment for sharing knowledge and collective learning, that in the process of assessing the winning project will hopefully create an opportunity to put at work the vast network of professionals existing around the Visible project.


On 14 December the prestigious, interdisciplinary jury, chaired by Charles Esche, will gather a together in order to assess the merits of the 10 shortlisted projects and select the winner of the 2013 Visible Award. Next to the five invited jury members, the audience of the event represents the sixth member of the jury and will be able to put in a public vote.

The ten projects that will be assessed, have been shortlisted among a list of 34 art projects nominated by the 2013 Visible advisory board and the 48 projects received, for the first time, through an open call. The ten shortlisted projects are: Sammy Baloji, Kumbuka (Congo); Beta Local, From-Tool-to-Tool! (Puerto Rico); Mabe Bethonico, Museum of Public Concerns (Brazil); Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center, One Dollar (Cambodia); Beatrice Catanzaro, Bait Al Karama, (Palestina); Fernando García-Dory, Paese Nuovo / New Country – Borgate (Italy); Inkanyiso (Zanele Muholi), Oui Twenty/20 (South Africa); Ahmet Ögüt, The Silent University (Turkey); The Propeller Group, Christ the King of Bling (Vietnam); Ruangrupa, The Gerobak Bioskop  (Cinema Cart) Network (Indonesia).

The invited members of the jury are: Tania Bruguera (artist, New York), Joseph Grima (architect, writer, former editor of Domus, Milan), Jeanne Van Heeswijk (artist, Rotterdam), Koyo Kouho (curator, artistic Director of Raw Material Company, Dakar), Nikos Papastergiadis (contemporary social-cultural studies professor, Sydney), and Michelangelo Pistoletto (artist, artistic director of Cittadellarte, Biella).


10.00 – Welcome by Charles Esche
Introduction of the jury and voting system
10.30 – Introduction of the 10 shortlisted projects by Visible curators Matteo Lucchetti and Judith Wielander
13.30 – Lunch break
15.00 – Statements from the jurors about socially engaged artistic practices, moderated by Charles Esche
16.30 – Summary of the 10 shortlisted project by Charles Esche
17.00 – Jurors speak about the reasons why to vote for their chosen projects
18.00 – Coffee break
18.45 – Announcement of the Top 3, compiled by jurors / Q&A between the jurors and audience
19.30 – Public vote
20.30 – Drinks and announcement of the winner of 2013 Visible Award

More info:

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